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1. How Does the Procedure Work?

​​​A small probe is inserted into the follicle opening (the opening in which the hair grows from). The opening expands twice the diameter of the hair .  The probe is inserted to the base of the follicle, to a portion called the papilla is destroyed, no hair will regrow.  If it is damaged, an undernourished hair will regrow- this hair would be weaker and finer with a much straighter follicle making destruction easier.  There will be a gradual reduction of visits and decrease in treatment time only occasional visits are needed for maintenance.  

​ Electrolysis is not an overnight solution; however, with time and commitment, it is a permanent solution.

2. Is Electrolysis Expensive?

The cost is allowed as a medical expense. The cost is moderate.  As compared to many other hair removal treatments  The price is small when you think of the freedom of never having to deal with unsightly or unwanted hair.

3. Is Electrolysis Dangerous?

No!  The amount of electrical current used is very small.  It only deals with the papilla... the portion of the hair structure that we are destroying.  Electrolysis is mechanically safe.  Only sterilized and disposable needles are used.

   4. Are The Treatments Painful?

Everyone's tolerance is different; there may be some slight discomfort.  Those clients with low tolerance for pain may want to take a mild pain relief medicine before treatment.  Avoidance of caffeine prior to treatment will enhance your relaxation and help maintain a calm nervous system.

 5.  Frequency of Treatment

  The number of treatments will vary from person to person.  Some contributing factors are;

  • Skin type
  • Èxtent and coarseness of hairs
  • Client tolerance
  • Whether hairs have been previously waxed or tweezed


It is important that the treatment is performed upon any detection of regrowth. Regrowth is finer and more vulnerable to treatment. The hair will rebuild back to its original strength the longer it is left to grow. 

6. Appearance of treated areas

Following a treatment their might be some slight redness and swelling which will vary from to several minutes to one hour depending on your skin type.  I will give you ice to pat on the area which will minimize this. Occasionally, pin point scabbing may occur on treated areas,this is a normal process.